Business (Systems) Analytics

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Business Analyst 

A business analyst (BA) is a professional who analyzes the needs and problems of an organization and provides solutions to improve its performance and efficiency. A business analyst may work with various stakeholders, such as managers, customers, developers, and vendors, to gather requirements, design processes, test systems, and implement changes. A business analyst may also use various tools and techniques, such as data analysis, modeling, documentation, and communication, to support their work.

Business Systems Analyst

A business systems analyst (BSA) is a professional who uses their knowledge of software programs and business strategies to help companies maximize productivity and communication. They analyze current business processes and make recommendations for improvement based on industry trends and professional business knowledge. They also coordinate with IT professionals, managers, and other stakeholders to create or update software based on the company's needs and train employees on how to use the software effectively.

A BA and a BSA share many similarities.

The basic difference between a BA and a BSA is the level of technical expertise and the scope of analysis. A BA focuses on the business needs and problems and may suggest solutions that are not necessarily technology based. A BSA focuses on the business systems and how they support the business processes and user roles. A BSA has more technical knowledge and works closely with the IT team to implement and test the system changes.


Understanding the business is the cornerstone of developing efficient operations.


Dive into each process for clarity of purpose and interaction within the system.


Organize improvement opportunities into actionable changes. 


Execute the plan and realize the rewards!